Types of Rhinoplasty procedures

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Today i want to share with you more information about rhinoplasty procedure. Continuing the series about plastic surgeries.

Rhinoplasty is also popularly recognized as simple nose jobs. It is one of the common forms of nose surgery that is performed several times in a year. Look of the face is often determined by the nose as it is one of the prominent parts. Therefore, it must be taken care of properly.

In order to make changes to the nose, it becomes necessary to visit a qualified and reputed plastic surgeon. Following types of alteration are generally made through the rhinoplasty surgery.

type of nose

Reduction Rhinoplasty

On the both male and female, reduction rhinoplasty can be performed. Size of the nose is given attention on the occasion. It can be made more balanced and proportioned to other parts of the face. Both the width and size of nostril is perfected in due course. In case of disproportionate nature of the nose, balance of face is disturbed. Therefore, it must be fixed. In order to address different kinds of problems, consultation is taken in the beginning. Solution is offered based on the requirement of the patient.

Reshaping of nose is considered to be a complex procedure. Tip of the nose can be narrowed down to desired level with this form of surgery. Different kinds of options can be offered for the refinement of the nose. By removing tissues from the area, nostrils can be made desirable.

Through computer stimulation, effects of the process are often understood by the both surgeon and patient. It gives an idea about the change required through the surgery.

The nose bump is generally created with the assistance from cartilage in addition to the nose bone. Straight profile can be maintained by reducing the bump effectively.

By lowering the cartilage, reduction of the tip can be managed. Due to reshaping, defined contour can be achieved for beautification of the face. Open approach is generally taken for more advanced results.

Post-Traumatic Rhinoplasty

Due to a nasal injury, support from the rhinoplasty is taken. If the nose bone is damaged or cartilage is broken then proper measures are taken to maintain the shape adequately. Issues related to the breathing are often observed as a result of an accident.  Several approaches can be taken with this surgery. Tissues are generally settled properly with the help of corrective surgery. However, duration between two corrective surgeries is about six months for safety.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Specific characteristic of nasal area is generally treated with ethnic rhinoplasty. Through tips, bridges and nostril, it is possible to come across nasal shapes especially in the Afro-Asian, Far East and Pacific Rim community.  Small nostrils are requested by the people from these locations in most occasions.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Dimension of nose can be improved through augmentation rhinoplasty. Materials are generally added to the nose on the occasion. Grafting is generally done for the beautification of nostrils. Different kinds of options are made available in due course. Desired results are obtained through the process. It is better to think about both advantages and disadvantages before the surgery. Enhancement is done through rib cartilage, bone and biological implants in most occasions.

You can find surgeons in any city, but try to look for best and get some information beforehand.
If you looking for some surgeon right now, just google-
– Rhinoplasty + “your city”
Or if you are not in english speaking country type “rhinoplasty in your laungage” + “your city”.
I was in Slovakia (Country in middle Europe) and you can find someone by typing:
Najlepšia plastická operácia nosa v Bratislave”  if you want surgeon from main city or simply “rhinoplastika- najlepší chirurg” if you are looking for best surgeon.

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Most Common Types of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries

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I create an article about basic plastic surgeries (most of them performed on the face), which can make you more self-confident or improve your appearance of aging (Dermabrasion).
If you will have any question, let me now or if you have your on experience with some of these procedures, lets share it!
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A large number of people in this world are not happy with their body. According to the statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more and more people are opting for cosmetic as well as plastic surgeries and the number is rising higher day by day. Let’s have a look on the most common types of plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

#1 Liposuction

Since a greater portion of the world population is suffering from overweight and obesity, different advanced techniques of removal of excess body fat have being invented. One of the most popular of them is liposuction where surplus fat is removed by inserting a tube under the skin. This tube sucks out the fat usually from abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks and upper arms.

#2 Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or commonly known as nose job is the reshaping of nose to give it the perfect shape. People usually want to make it bigger or smaller, change the angle between nose and upper lip or to narrow the space of nostrils. People undergo through rhinoplasty need at least one to three weeks as their recovery time.

#3 Breast Augmentations

A lot of women wish to get the desired shape of their breasts through breast augmentations by following the silicone-filled implants. In fact, it is the top cosmetic surgery procedure in the world. Usually it is takes only few days as the recovery time, however, the surgeons request to avoid any physical contact with breasts for about one month.

#4 Tummy Tuck

Although men usually suffer from the problem of beer guts, but more women than men opt for the abdominoplasty procedures. In this plastic surgery process, the abdomen is flattened by removing the excess fat from those portions and tightening the abdominal muscles.

#5 Face Lift

By face lifting, you cannot actually raise your face, but you can get rid of those surplus fats that hamper the shape of your face. Moreover, your face muscles will be tightened for reshaping it. After this cosmetic surgery, it takes usually ten days to three weeks for recovery; however, restriction on sun exposure should be strictly maintained.


#6 Breast Lift

The women who wish to reshape and raise their sagging breasts can undergo through the breast lift or mastopexy. Through this surgery procedure, the extra skin is removed and remaining tissues and nipples are repositioned. Recovery period is one month.

#7 Dermabrasion

People who want to remove the wrinkles and facial blemishes, should consider dermabrasion where the surgeons scrap away the top layers of the skin with a high-speed moving tool that leave the softer and newer layers exposed. Statistics say that more than 88 percent of dermabrasion patients are women.

#8 Forehead Lift

The lines and droops appeared on the forehead due to age, can be straightened by tightening the forehead muscles and skin and removing the tissues.

Apart from these common types of plastic as well as cosmetic surgeries, there are lip augmentations, ear surgeries, breast implant removal, men’s breast reduction, upper arm lift, chin augmentation and many more that people are taking up nowadays.

Also read legal disclaimer, if you want to proceed any of this procedure, and consult it with professional doctors.

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Idea Behind Creating This Site


My name is Melanie.
I create this site because i want to share my ideas & advices how to make your life better and more rewarding. I want to bring you different view on living your life.
When i started looking for advice about improving my self-confidence i came across bunch of sites. Their ideas were sometimes complementary, sometimes totally different.
One side said that its all about what is inside you, and you should not care how you look, your body, your style, how you are seen by others.
That all that matter is inside you. Second side of coin was different. It was about how you are looking, how many followersyou have, how your
hair/body/face/clothes looks. I was very confused, because i hear all these different points of what really matter, what make you successful, how to live your life etc…


That´s  why i start to experimenting and after 2 years i found out that the best way to feel great about yourself, be confident and also get compliments is when
you combine both of those sides of coin!
You must focus on improving your mind, be more open, know how to treat yourself, don´t compare/ compete with photoshopped models..,
But also, i start improving my appearance. I start to eat healthy, ditch the junk food, and start training more often. This is why i encourage
everybody to start going for what they want out of life. If that means reading books about happiness, take care of your health,
improving your body by applying skin products (I prefer animal-free tested), going for massages, getting whiter teeth
or some plastic surgeries (if you really believes that will make you more happy and self-confident).


This is what this blog will be about. Writing about possibilities and options how you can take your
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I am excited for making my fist article on this site for you guys and girls.
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